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Our weekend of commitment is scheduled for May 21st.  Please be praying about how God would lead you to support this project financially.  For now, there are times of physical work we invite you to help us complete:

Here’s How You Can Help:

For the renovation, we need to complete as much work as possible using skilled and unskilled volunteer labor.  Admittedly, there is work that needs skilled and experienced hands. But, much can be done with nothing more than a cheerful and willing spirit.

We are grateful to God for a volunteer team of 100 skilled laborers called Men on Mission. These brothers-in-Christ will start and accomplish much of the construction during the week of June 11th.

We won't be needed during that week, but we are needed before and after that army of volunteers join the effort.

If questions, email us at:

Upcoming Volunteer Needs:

Memorial Day at 8a, we will begin demo.  It will continue all week until it is complete.

Starting the day after Father's Day (June 19), we  continue the momentum handed off by Men on Mission.

05.29.2023, 8:00AM

06.19.2023 8:00AM

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